Read Apollo Strong Moving Disclaimers. Know what to expect with your mover. Read TXDOT Rights & Responsibilities. Choose a quality Dallas/Fort Worth Moving Company.

*Customer or representative must sign the contract before any work begins.

*Customer acknowledges that the standard insurance is $.60 per pound unless additional insurance has been purchased.

*Apollo Strong Moving does not accept personal checks. Payment is welcome in cash, credit/debit card, money order or cashier’s check.

*Customer is responsible for paying Apollo Strong Moving prior to or upon unload of the move.

*Apollo Strong Moving waives responsibility for items it deems cannot be moved safely.

*Apollo Strong Moving will not be responsible for damages of furniture made by particle board or MDF.

*Apollo Strong Moving does not take the doors off refrigerators.

*There is a wait charge for any time over 30 minutes spent waiting for customer. Please be ready for your move.

*Itemized quotes may incur an additional fee if the walk distance is greater than 125 feet. Please notify our office if for any reason our movers would have to park more than 125 feet from your door. Most moves are not affected by this fee.

*Additional charges may occur if items are high end, non standard or extra large sized instead of traditional house hold items.

*Apollo Strong Moving is not responsible for tuning on any piano. Piano’s and heavy safes are not included in the hourly price.

*Apollo Strong Moving reserves the right to reschedule any moves due to rain or unsafe weather conditions.

*Apollo Strong Moving reserves the right to refuse service in a situation where it is unsuitable to the welfare of our crew.

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