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Apollo Strong Moving offers moving tips for your relocation. Apartments, Residential, Commercial, Packing, Storage, Safes, local & long distance, make your move successful. Arlington Texas.

Scheduling your move in advance is important because dates and times are filled on a first come first serve basis. The most common move times are weekend and end of the month. Scheduling in advance will ensure you get the date and time you prefer.


Move Confirmation

Once your move has been finalized, you are scheduled and ready to go. You will receive a confirmation call from our office two days prior to your move to confirm again. Feel free to call any time if you have any questions remaining prior to your move date.


Day of Your Move

Your movers will call once they are on their way to your location the day of your move. Plan for them to arrive within the time window given. Please be near your phone as they will not drive to your location without confirming with you first. This is a good time to give them any gate code or parking information they may need.



Payment is due prior to the end of your move for local moves. For long distance moves, ½ is due up front and the balance is due on the unload. Please pay your moving foreman. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, money orders and cashier’s checks. We do not accept personal checks.


What to Expect

Your movers will arrive and take a quick assessment of your move. They will have you read and sign your moving contract before they begin.This is when your time starts for hourly rates. Furniture blankets and shrink wrap are standard. Your furniture will be properly wrapped for its protection. If you are in a time crunch and would not like this service, please notify your movers at the beginning of your move. You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for any scratches or damages. Disassembly and reassembly is included in your time. If you would not like this service, please have all needed items disassembled prior to your mover’s arrival.

If you have specific boxes, personal or especially valuable items that are irreplaceable, we encourage you to separate these items and transport them yourself. Our movers will help you load them in your car if necessary.


Pack in Advance

Apollo Strong Moving will not pack or unpack your belongings unless otherwise arranged. This is an additional charge and must be scheduled in advance.


Pack Well

Fully pack your boxes and securely tape them on both sides. Under packed or over packed boxes do not stack well and may affect how efficient we are able to load the truck. Make sure your items are secure in the boxes by using newspaper, bubble wrap, tissue, towels, blankets, etc. Items that are not secure or wrapped properly are more susceptible to damage, even when handled properly by our moving teams. All loose items must be packed to be moved.

Apollo Strong Moving is not responsible for any items not packed.


You may use boxes, bags or luggage. We highly recommend packing clothing in boxes. Light weight in drawers is fine but depending, heavy weight can affect the integrity of your furniture.


Label your boxes

We recommend that you number and label all boxes with the room of where it goes as well as if it contains fragile items. Make sure fragile boxes are clearly marked. All Electronics and Appliances should be unplugged and ready to go. If you need assistance with this, Apollo Strong Moving will do this for you, but is not responsible for any water or faucet issues with the Washer or Refrigerator.

Additional insurance

The Texas Department of Transportation requires minimum basic liability insurance set at $.60 per pound. Ask about additional insurance if you require it.



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